About Ray La' Mar

"My purpose in life is to guide you through a discovery or reunion of Love through music"


At a young age, Ray La' Mar recognized his many musical talents and gifts. Despite hosting many jam sessions for family and friends at the tender age of four, while growing up in Bethlehem Pa, he never saw music as his path. "If it wasn't football, I wasn't interested!".

His love for music surfaced after seeing the legendary Melba Moore perform in the hit stage play, "Momma I Wanna Sing" at the historic Merriam Theatre in Philadelphia. "I felt every word she sang, every note she belted out. It was a feeling I'd never experienced. It was at that time I said, I can do that. That's what I want to do!"

He would soon thereafter start honing in on his craft, singing in church choirs and the male chorus with his Dad. "My dad is the reason I know harmony. He is the reason I can "run chords" in harmonies and find the gaps to fit in. He was a beast!" 

Not long after, he began singing with "Young Musicians for Christ" more affectionately known as YMC. It was then that he had his first experiences being on the road, traveling to different states, sharing musical gifts all while being a teenager. "Getting to go places that you've only seen on tv or in the movies was surreal. Getting to do music on these trips was an added bonus" YMC provided him the platform to hone not only singing but playing piano as well. "None of this was according to my plan. I always knew I could sing, but I was a drummer first and foremost. I never thought singing would be my primary instrument. The PIANO? Ha! I HATED the piano as a kid"

In his current years, Ray La' Mar (spelled with two spaces and an apostrophe) realized that music was not only his passion, but also his purpose. A purpose that existed outside of the four walls of the church. 

"My purpose in this life is to guide you through a discovery or a reunion of Love. You create the EXPERIENCE along the way"

Ray La' Mar has been on a musical tear, headlining with various world renowned bands including Richard Tucker and Universal Concept, Side by Sol and more. He has either opened for or shared the stage with numerous acts such as Angie Stone, Average White Band and Poor Righteous Teachers. Formerly the music Director for local recording artist, "Suzanne Christine" and current music director for "Tanqueray Hayward" and "Aziza Nailah & Company" 

In 2021, Ray La' Mar, under the outfit The Ray La' Mar Experience released his debut album, "Experience Love Project" featuring the hit songs "Tug of War" and "Complicated"

The Vocal Breakthrough Academy Alumni is currently working on multiple projects including the sophomore album "Through Their Eyes"


So you ask "why is VBA shown on my page"? Well I must say that it was VBA under the tutelage of world renowned jazz/classical artist, Alicia Olatuja, that helped me and still is helping me take my craft to the next level. I wanted to share with the next person. Who knows, IT COULD BE YOU! Click the photo or button to find out more  Your Breakthrough awaits! #vbafam #vbamade #vbaproud